Employees are being ordered back into the office while promised remote working laws are still not in force

“On Tuesday’s Morning Focus, Alan Morrissey was joined by Adam Coleman, HR Locker Lahinch.

Employees are being ordered back to the office while long-promised laws to give them the right to request remote work are still not in force.

The Government faces the threat of fines and legal action as it is over a year late in meeting an EU deadline to roll out this new right and entitlement to other forms of flexible work for the parents of young children and carers.

Separately, legislation giving all workers the right to request remote work has not commenced. Officials at government departments said they must wait for the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) to come up with a code of practice first.

It is understood there was a target to roll out the new laws by Christmas, but this is now uncertain.

Adam explained that people should not wait around for the government and highlighted that employers and employees should take matters into their own hands.”

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