I’d wager that many firms cost of recruitment is in the region of 15-20% of annual salary.

That’s a shocking – and totally unnecessary – cost in most circumstances. (Save your money for specialist recruiters when you need them’s my advice.)

So, if you’re not hiring with an ATS then you might want to sit up and listen …

Err, an AT what? An ATS. Isn’t that the place you get your tyres checked. No. An ATS is an APPLICANT TRACKING SYSTEM. I.e., your route to unbelievably efficient, effective and cost-saving recruitment.

So now that you know what an ATS is:

  • A great ATS puts recruitment back in the hands of the company and the hiring managers and lessens your dependency on recruiters and advertising people like job boards and recruitment websites and the like
  • An ATS system automates your ability to find great CVs
  • A great ATS will save you a fortune in recruitment and advertising fees
  • A great ATS enhances your employer brand by offering an efficient, courteous and automated process and an exceptional recruitment experience
  • A great ATS eradicates your need for admin and outdated excel sheets in tracking your recruitment activity
  • A great ATS has an inbuilt referrals campaigns tool that leverages the power of you and your associates/staff marketing and social media networks to get to those candidates that you don’t normally get to – now you can build your company and easily offer and track incentives to those who help most! (Including recruiters should you use them)
  • A great ATS should help to automate your on-boarding process and reduce administration following hire.
  • A great ATS will make your successful new recruits be part of the company before their start date
  • A great ATS can help you manage your talent and potential stars who are in and who may be part of your future talent pool by keeping a cool database of star-rated candidates for future/alternative positions

Of course, HRLocker has a great ATS called HIRELocker! Start a 14 day trial now via HRLocker …

P.S. Make sure if your tyres need checking you visit somewhere like ATS as well 😉